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Why Extracurricular Activities Are So Important

April 30th, 2014

You have probably noticed that your child devotes a lot of time and energy into their hobbies, and that they will work harder and longer to get better and develop those talents and abilities than they ever have worked in school. Instead of feeling dismay and annoyance at your child’s persistence with their extracurricular activity, perhaps you should think of it as a way to motivate them and help them reach their full potential. If you have a child that is struggling in school, you would do well to help them find something that they are passionate about, whether that is a sport, a musical instrument, or acting at Lopez Studios, Inc. The following article outlines some of the reasons why extracurricular activities are so important to your child’s development, academic learning, and self-esteem.

Why Extracurricular Activities Are So Important

Any educator will tell you that a child that can be motivated and inspired by an extracurricular activity has stronger ties to their school, and has more friends and better self-esteem. In many instances you can help your child channel and focus that energy into academic pursuits as well. The following list is an advocate for extracurricular activities for children and adolescents, and outlines some reasons why they are so important.

  • Extracurricular activities help your child find a place in the world: While it is true that your child is very unlikely to become the next professional basketball star or a famous concert pianist, they can still use their hobby or talent to find a place in the world. Extracurricular activities create ties to the community, and will help your child to feel a part of something larger than themselves. Teamwork, empathy, trust, and esprit de corps is learned through extracurricular activities.
  • Extracurricular activities can motivate kids to do better in school: Excelling in an area other than academics builds self-esteem, which will motivate your child to do better in school and feel like they can accomplish great things. If worse comes to worst, you can always motivate your child to do better in school by withholding access to their hobby or sport. You will be amazed at how quickly most children respond to this type of motivation.
  • Extracurricular activities provide background knowledge: Any educator can tell you that background knowledge is key to learning and building knowledge. The more knowledge and experience your child brings to the classroom, the more equipped they are to build upon that knowledge by applying it to their prior experiences.
  • Extracurricular activities build work ethic: Through extracurricular activities your child will learn that hard work and persistence yield reward. They will learn that the harder they try, the more they will get from their efforts. Sure, you can explain this to your child until you are blue in the face, but the lessons will really hit home when your child puts those principles into action through a medium that they are passionate about.
  • Extracurricular activities can cut down on antisocial and dangerous behavior: Community involvement through Lopez Studios, Inc., and other programs will open doors for your child and keep them away from destructive behaviors.

How to Make College Apartments More Secure

December 11th, 2013

When you’re living on your own in college, you may have a few trepidations about how safe you are. Even if you have roommates and there’s a buff guy who lives next door, that doesn’t mean your apartment can’t be broken into. Even if it’s college housing, many burglars like to come in and steal laptops and
wallets lying around. And if you’re living on the cheap as a student, money is scarce and being robbed could be fatal to your financial stability. That said, know how to be safe and secure at MSU apartments by following these tips and suggestions.

Lock Doors

It goes without saying that you should keep all doors of your apartment locked when you are not home. This includes your front door, back door, balcony, sliding glass door, and so on. Even if you are home, you might rest more assured if you lock your doors. If you have a deadbolt, lock it while you’re away and twist it shut when you and your roomies are asleep at night. Remember to track your roommates and know whether they are home or not. It’s easy to assume your roommates are home and leave your door unlocked. You should also communicate with your roommates to ensure that no one gets locked out. If you live in the city where crime rates are high, you may want a lock that comes with a chain. When unwanted visitors show up, you can open the door just a crack and still be secure due to this lock. A peephole can also help you screen anyone who knocks on your door. It’s also worth noting that you should keep your key on your person at all times. Don’t let it get into

the wrong hands. Don’t leave spare keys in obvious spots that any burglar would know how to get to. If you’re apartment hunting, you may want to find a place with an automated lock that requires a code to get in and out. This way you don’t have to carry around a key. Keep in mind that you should memorize your code and not leave it on a post-it out in the open. Make sure your manager changes up the code every couple of semesters to avoid previous tenants from breaking in.

Be Smart

It’s important to pay attention to your surroundings and to practice common sense at MSU apartments. If you see any suspicious people around, contact your manager or even call the police. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Of course, do not invite any strange people into your home. For emergency situations, it’s good to have someone nearby who you can call. Make friends with that big guy next door so he can help you out in a pinch. When you leave your apartment, you should not leave notes on the front door to your friends saying you’re out. This could be an invitation to a robber to come right in. If you can, make it seem like you’re home at all times. If you work late hours, set timers on your lamps to be on during certain times of the night. Turn on the radio if you’re absent for long periods of time. Don’t draw attention to your possessions and how much money you have. Don’t make your flat screen TV visible through the window; this causes a glare anyway. Don’t leave your full name on your door or the nameplate in front of the building. Robbers can pretend to know your name and use this against you.

Four Reasons to Purchase a Case for Your Cell Phone

December 11th, 2013

If you’ve ever lost your cell phone, you know how difficult it can be to lose it. We become so dependent on our phones as we rely on them to connect with people, surf the web, and so much more. You should protect your phone by purchasing a case from a company like www.cellphonecases.com. As you do so, you’ll notice the many advantages such as protection from dropping it, blemishes, loss in value, and lack of individuality.

Drop Protection

Different phones are built differently. Some are stronger than others. With gravity constantly working against you, you don’t want to find out the hard way if your phone can handle such a fall. You may also find that the outside of your phone is built to be very smooth. This can make it hard to get a good grip on it. A case can help you hold it better so you won’t accidentally drop it.

Blemish Protection

You probably already know that a case can protect your phone from blemishes, such as scratches or a shattered screen. Scratches could damage buttons on your phone, making it hard to type and navigate. If you don’t want a case to protect it from these scratches, you could purchase special films to cover your phone. A case is a good decision to also protect the camera from getting scratched. A scratched camera lens could damage photo quality.

Value Protection

As new and improved phones keep getting introduced to the market, you may find yourself wanting to sell your old one to make room for the new. Nicks and scratches will decrease the resale value, losing you money. To keep the value of your phone high, it’s important to use a case to protect it properly.

Individuality Protection

It’s hard to find people these days who don’t carry a cell phone around with them. When you go to a party or out with friends, you may put your phone down at some point. With everyone carrying around phones, it can be easy to get yours mixed up with the phone of someone else. You can prevent this from happening by choosing a case that allows your phone to stick out to you. Choose a case that reflects you and suits your preferences. This will make it easy to spot and harder to accidentally switch with someone.

Your cell phone is your way to contact others, navigate the streets, capture photos of special moments, research on the web, entertain children,and so much more. For everything that it does and everywhere that you take it, it’s important to purchase a case for it from a company like www.cellphonecases.com. This will be an invaluable asset to you to protect it from damage caused by dropping it, blemishes, decreased value, and lack of individuality.

Tips on Getting Quality Tree Services

June 3rd, 2013

Trees are beautiful things. They add dimension and value to your property’s landscape. However, trees are a lot of work to maintain and sometimes they die, leaving you with an unsightly dead tree in your yard. Whenever you need tree services in Los Angeles, it’s a good idea to hire a quality and reputable company to get the job done for you. There are very specific ways to get rid of dead trees and prune live ones. It can be a dangerous job as well. If you’re not experienced, you’ll definitely want to hire a company to come do it for you. This article will help you find a quality company in your area.

Why Hire a Tree Service?

You’ve got a chainsaw and a couple buddies. That’s enough to get rid of that old, dead tree in your backyard, right? Wrong! Tree removal and tree care both require very special equipment and techniques. One wrong cut and you could bring the tree down on one of your buddies. This is why it’s so important to hire a reliable company to do the job for you.

Finding a Company

When you start looking for tree services to take care of all your tree needs, start by asking for recommendations from friends and neighbors. Word of mouth is one of the best forms of advertisement, as people talk about things they’re pleased with. When you get a recommendation from a friend, you’ll find that you’ll also be pleased with the services provided.

Hiring the Company

Hiring the right company is crucial to the health of your living tress and it’s also crucial to your safety when removing a dead tree. If the company shows up with a ladder and a chainsaw, politely ask them to leave. A reliable company offering tree services in Los Angeles will come with the proper equipment, both for the trees and for safety. Ask about the company’s business license, as well as their liability insurance. If an accident were to happen on your property, you’ll want to make sure the accident is covered by the company’s insurance and not yours. Do your research and you’ll be okay when it comes to hiring someone.

Good Reasons to Use Self Storage

June 1st, 2013

If you are like most Americans, you are really into having stuff. Stuff can be anything that you choose to keep for almost any reason. And let’s face it, stuff is cool. However, stuff can cause you problems when it gets too much in too small of a space. Sometimes you need a solution for your extra stuff when you can’t fit it all in your house or storage areas of a room. This article will cover some of the reasons you might choose to use local San Francisco self storage units.

You might have a change of plans in your life and have to live with someone else for a time. There are many reasons this could happen to you, they would include an unforeseen layoff, or even employment in a new area away from your current home. When this happens, you might not have the time or desire to sell everything that you had in your other home, but you might not be able to continue paying the rent on a space you are not living in halfway across the country.

Another time that using a self-storage facility would be a great fit is when you have extra business storage needs. If you run your own business and don’t have space at your business location or home to store business supplies, you may want to consider renting storage units to help you solve that problem. Particularly if you only use certain equipment or supplies periodically or seasonally, this may be a great fit for you.

Not only are self-storage units good when you are staying with someone or for extending your office space, they are good when you just want to lower the clutter levels of your home. If you are tired of things that just don’t fit your house or lifestyle, but that still have some kind of value to you, then self-storage might be a great fit.

If you are moving or selling your home, you should really consider a San Francisco self storage company to help you out with the transition. If you are moving, a storage unit can be extremely helpful when you don’t have permanent place to move into. Since that can be a longer-term problem to figure out, putting the bulk of your things into a storage unit can be a great temporary solution for your stuff. If you are selling your house then it can be a great idea to put extra stuff into a storage unit to lower the clutter in your house and make it look more appealing to potential buyers who will view it.

How Relocation Services Benefit Your Move

May 28th, 2013

Depending on why and where you are relocating to, relocation services in San Diego can help you pack up and be on your way to another city or state that you desire. Using these types of services will make your moving experience quick, efficient, and effective.


If you and your business are moving to another state, it can be a stressful and confusing journey before it even begins. Not knowing where to start in packing all of your necessary equipment and belongings can make it frustrating and tired some. Your best bet is to leave the work to the moving professionals that help you relocate anywhere in the country. They are experienced and are trained to package up an assortment of your belongings and will know how to pack it with care and a fragile hand. This is vital especially if you are moving large and heavy equipment that will take more than just your hands. Begin by contacting a company and discuss the rate that they charge for your move. The price will usually include fees for packing, shipping, and unloading.Together this will take a big burden off of your shoulders and you can sit back, relax, and let others handle the tough job. 


While you are cleaning out your office area, try to organize as much of your accessories as possible. This will create less of a mess for your movers to put together and to package up. Communicate all of the fragile and delicate items that should stay together or that should be handled with much care. If you are constantly worrying about specific belongings, take matters into your own hands and keep them with you for the move. Once your items are ready to be shipped out, the service will make sure everything is safe and secure while traveling. They will also unpack and settle all your items in your new business place exactly how you wish. 


Relocation services in San Diego will guarantee a smooth transition for you and your important valuables. Remember to take the stress out of your life by letting those who are experienced help you out for the long haul. 

Should I Sign Up for Home Health Care?

May 21st, 2013

The decisions faced at the end of life can be as difficult to answer as the answers are to implement. For instance, most senior citizens, regardless of their mobility, want to live in their own home as long as possible. This creates a problem as you become unable to (safely) do daily things, such as bathing, climbing the stairs, or running errands. When you reach this point, the temptation may be to just keep trying, even if it endangers you. This is how so many senior citizens suffer minor to major injuries around the house; not from extenuating circumstances, but from just trying to keep living a normal, independent life. This article will explain how a Richmond home health care system, or one in your area, may be the alternative solution to a nursing home that you need to feel secure. Continue Reading…

Tips for Buying a New Car

May 9th, 2013

Buying a new car is probably one of the more exciting things you do on an irregular basis. The excitement of buying a car shouldn’t be dampened by misleading ads or trouble finding information and availability of cars at a lot. Buying a car should be painless and hassle free. Many car dealerships have created websites such as www.FordFocusCarsPlainfieldIL.com that contain complete databases of what cars they have in stock and how much they cost. This tool can become especially helpful when you start looking for a car that would fit your needs and budget.

Finding the Car

Probably the hardest part about purchasing a new car is finding the car that you want. You’ll want to spend some considerable time researching everything and anything you can about the new car you want to get. Ask yourself important questions such as: What safety features do I want? What kind of MPG rating should I get? Continue Reading…

Why Website Hosting Will Benefit Your Business

May 9th, 2013

Website hosting can offer your business many important benefits, but you have to be sure to pick the right hosting package during the ordering process. So, how do you choose the right package for your company? By finding a dependable hosting service, you can get the expertise you need to help you determine which package is best suited for your business needs. From helping you establish a presence online to increasing your income, this service can do wonders for your business and be the tool you need to take your company to the next level.

Finding the Right Web Hosting Package

Before you can take advantage of all of the benefits, you first have to find the right package for your company. There are several important factors that you should be aware of in helping you determine which package is right for you. First, you need to find out whether or not the service you are considering offers optimal customer service. Continue Reading…

Three Keys to Understanding VPS Hosting Cloud Based Servers

May 9th, 2013

It’s easy to host a website yourself if it only gets a few visitors a day, but If your website starts pulling in hundreds or even thousands of hits a day, the way you choose to host your website is going to become more important. Rather than using an old desktop or a single server, you’re going to need to connect multiple server towers, which will mean storing and maintaining all those servers. Because of all this hassle, most individuals and businesses with high-traffic websites choose to pay for a hosting service. A hosting service will take care of all the technical stuff for you so you can focus on actual innovation and improvement. There are a lot of different types of hosting services available, and their names can be confusing. VPS hosting cloud based servers are the new, popular solution to all hosting problems, but you should understand what it means before signing up for the service. Continue Reading…